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Planning for growth

"Growing when it's Tough"
Aim: To support the leader and team members to find ways to grow their business during extremely challenging or crisis conditions - and at the same time, grow their personal competencies through reflection as the business environment causes them to experience 'crucible moments'*.

"Opportunity Maker"
Aim: To encourage and support leadership teams who must re-think their business model to respond to unpredicted changes in their market and economic environment...facing the previously unthinkable, and undiscussable.

Sales Productivity

Account Manager Workshops
Aim: To coach individual account managers, or complete sales teams, to develop the thought leadership and customer influence skills necessary to implement specific marketing plans - where the nature of the value proposition and/or organisational politics involved means the selling process is highly complex.

Wilson Learning Sales Programmes
We work closely with pan European client organisations to design and deliver carefully targeted multi-language programmes incorporating globally recognised Wilson Learning programmes such as Versatile Salesperson and Counsellor Selling. This forms a values-based organisational development approach to building a high performance sales culture in support of brand identity and business growth across the European region, and beyond.

Meetings in a Box

Our Approach
We are seeing increasing numbers of executives who want to facillitate developmental sessions for their teams.

However, the pressures on those Senior Executives often do not allow them to invest the time in preparation that is required to design and lead structured developmental sessions on subjects encompassing personal and skills development, as well as a focus on business building.

We work closely with executives, and any other internal or external specialists they choose to involve, in order to:

  • analyse the organisational capability development needs of the team, in the light of the key success factors that must be addressed to achieve business goals as planned
  • assist leaders to select and focus on the relevant messages they want to deliver from their experience, using their 'conscious competence'
  • bring new perspectives and ideas based on an external view informed by latest research, both in the public domain and from our internal sources
  • design, script and document overall meeting process plus content of presentations, exercises and activities taking account of leading edge thinking about the science of learning
  • coach and build confidence and capability of session facilitators that might be outside their experience or comfort zone.
Product launches

Aim: To support marketing leaders to design, organise and lead product launch events for their pan-European sales forces - especially where products or value propositions to be launched are highly technical or complex. Our approach is to integrate learning processes related to communication and selling behaviour into the technical education sessions. This holistic approach ensures that field people see they are being helped to achieve their productivity targets - and not just pressurised to learn new technologies in isolation.

Where they are involved, we also liase as necessary with event organisers to co-ordinate with their planned AV and surrounding activity schedules.


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