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Influence and Impact Programme

We design and deliver Influence and Impact programmes to support:
  • high potential executives who have been selected to step up to lead at the next, more strategic level
  • managers who are required to achieve high performance working in matrix organisations and/or across geographic and functional boundaries
  • complete teams of managers and functional specialists so they can build relationships and communicate in ways that deliver productivity as planned
  • Wherever possible we build each programme design by working with clients' own organisational capability specialists and line managers, taking into account the values, norms and expectations of their organisational and local culture.

Typical Programme Objectives

Delegates will:
  • Build their self-awareness and understanding of the impact on others of their executive influencing style - especially in stressful business situations
  • Explore the preferred behaviour of others so they can think about ways to persuade and motivate people - where they have line authority, or in complex matrix situations where they must drive progress by influence only
  • Decide on the most effective ways to sell their strategic or tactical ideas to ensure their business goals are met, in line with organisational Values and expectations

Our Approach

This programme is intended to help senior leaders, managers and professionals to reflect on how they manage relationships and communicate to impact the business-related decision making and behavioural choices of their colleagues, direct reports, partners, clients or other key stakeholders, - internal or external.

Models, tools and discussion based experiences are introduced and connections made to results of any feedback already available from within their organisation to support insightful reflection. Participants are then encouraged to commit to their own developmental plans through a team coaching approach guided by the Keep Doing, Start Doing, Stop Doing and Avoid template    

Before each workshop we interview relevant line managers to understand their perceptions of the personal profile of the participants they are sending. Through a confidential feedback process, and using our anonymous response keypad system, we contract carefully with group members at the start of the workshop to focus the reflection and content on areas that are specifically of relevance - and interest - to them and their business context.

Programme Focus Areas

  • Developing willingness and capability to learn and grow by reflecting on personal experience
  • Building self-awareness of mental patterns and executive style
  • Making best use of personal strengths - maximising style capabilities
  • Recognising preferred behavioural style of others
  • Understanding and accepting the perspectives of others and adapting to their communication or behavioural style preferences
  • Dealing productively with emotions and stress responses in self and others in complex, high risk or uncertain situations
  • Building and balancing self-confidence and resilience
  • Presenting and selling ideas persuasively
  • Ensuring leadership impact is as productive as intended
  • Facing 'difficult conversations' to address team misalignment or interpersonal tension
  • Managing organisational politics in a positive way

Support for implementation of developmental plans after the workshop:

  • Individual coaching by the line manager, coaches previously contracted by participants, or by David Skinner as required.
  • Self-coaching arrangements between group members are also arranged to encourage implementation of personal development plans created during the workshop

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