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Examples of our typical team building assignments...

Cross-functional alignment
Aim: To encourage productive collaboration, focus efforts on achieving common performance goals - and reduce silo thinking.

"Growing when it's Tough"
Aim: To support the leader and team members to find ways to grow the business during extremely challenging conditions - and at the same time, grow their personal competencies through reflection as the business environment causes them to experience 'crucible moments'*.

"Opportunity Maker"
Aim: To encourage and support leadership teams who must re-think their business model to respond to unpredicted changes in their market and economic environment...facing the previously unthinkable, and undiscussable.

Kick off and trust building
Aim: To shorten the time taken for new or re-structured teams to start operating together to deliver maximum productivity, in line with corporate values and expectations.

Action Learning and Team Coaching

Aim: To encourage and equip team members to adopt a mutual coaching process, based on action learning, as part of their normal operating style.

Re-alignment or conflict resolution
Aim: To repair strained or even broken team relationships (between individuals, or team to team) where external conditions or unmet expectations have resulted in high levels of stress.

Geographically dispersed teams
Aim: To encourage a shared sense of identity and build trust between team members who are located in different geographic locations, and might have widely differing cultural backgrounds.

Note*: 'Crucible moments' - as described by Bill George.

True North: discover your authentic leadership (2007) George, W.W. and Sims, P. John Wiley &Sons


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