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Our Team building process toolbox

We specifically design our process approach for every team session based on the client's requirements, business outcomes required, the economic context, cross-cultural considerations, the mix of functions involved, experience and personalities of team members, timing factors and so on.

We focus equally on planning and preparation, design and facilitation of the workshop - and follow-up afterwards

  • Statement of the Givens or non-negotiable aspects by the leader
  • Consistency of approach with client values, leadership model and standards
  • Understanding and acceptance of cultural differences - based on our direct personal experience working in 43 countries, and monitoring developments in research literature
  • Invitation based on clear statement of intended purpose, benefits for all stakeholders and clarity of process expectations
  • Facilitation in International English, with sub-group or simultaneous interpreter support to ensure engagement of all team members
  • Introduction of models and concepts as needed to encourage and assist new perspective taking and reflection
  • Use of anonymous response keypads to minimise impact of 'group think' influences and ensure team members can fully express their opinions on sensitive issues without undue sense of personal pressure
  • Real time capture of team outputs and agreements using projecting word processor to aid commitment to action and follow up
  • High levels of facilitation experience and emotional control to encourage positive interactions in high tension or conflict situations
  • Commitment to follow up with leaders and/or all team members as agreed to trigger behaviours as planned.

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